Working at the Speed of Trust®
To the untrained eye, trust is hidden.

Individuals can learn to “see” trust and its measurable impact, which allows them to build credibility, strengthen relationships, and work collaboratively to deliver essential results.

When trust is low, people become suspicious, guard communication, speculate, and disengage. As a result, productivity grinds to a crawl, and the costs—whether social, emotional, or financial—increase. We call these trust taxes.

When trust is high, people become confident and communication, creativity, and engagement improve. As a result, productivity speeds up and costs decrease. We call these trust dividends.

Working at the Speed of Trust helps individual contributors strengthen their trust signals in every relationship to convert trust taxes into trust dividends and propel themselves and their team further, faster.

Introducing Working at the Speed of Trust with Stephen M. R. Covey:

Free Guide
7 Ways to Build Trust Between You and Your Team

A toolkit for leaders at all levels.

Trust is a function of two things: Character and competence.

Character includes your integrity, your motive, and your intent—as seen at the bottom of the model. Competence includes your capabilities, your skills, your results, and your track record—the top of the model. Leaders will discover how to use the 4 Cores of Credibility and the 13 Behaviors® of High Trust to accelerate their team’s results.

Course Details

Working at the Speed of Trust consists of three sessions and is available in multiple learning modalities, each includes reinforcement microlearning. An optional fourth session is available Live In-Person or Live-Online for intact teams who have completed a Speed of Trust course.

The Case for Trust

  • “See” the impact of trust on speed and cost of work to convert trust taxes into trust dividends.
  • Understand that credibility and behavior are always connected for individuals to model high-trust.

Be a High-Trust Contributor

  • Model personal credibility, demonstrate high-trust behaviors, and avoid counterfeit behaviors to generate trust dividends.

Extend, Restore, and Develop Trust

  • Prepare for and structure conversations that extend, restore, and develop trust in relationships.

Be a High-Trust Team (optional for intact teams)

  • Discover evidence of high and low team trust through the Speed of Trust Team Assessment.
  • Model credibility and demonstrate high-trust behaviors as a collective team.
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Customer Stories
Frito Lay
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Increasing Trust to Exceed Expectations

Economic recession, inflation, and unpredictable weather conditions caused massive price increases in Frito-Lay’s supply chain. They had to move quickly to change their business model. The Speed of Trust® had prepared them with a new perspective and skill set to manage through unpredictable times.

City of Provo
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Transforming Culture Through Trust

The City of Provo was experiencing tremendous growth and an influx in business and investments. See how they transform their culture and keep the positive momentum going with The Speed of Trust®.

Client Spotlight – Automotive Industry
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A successful automotive company shifts into high gear

A new CEO succeeding a beloved icon wanted to develop trust in his new executive team and execute aggressive growth goals.

Marriott Hotels
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a lady servicing two customers at a counter

Achieving the Highest Results Ever

Few industries are hit as hard as hospitality in these uncertain times. See how Marriott is able to focus and engage their employees on the most important metrics, even while their world is in flux.

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