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Building a Winning Culture: Two Essential Leader Shifts

THE PROBLEM WITH TODAY’S LEADERSHIP PARADIGMThe typical way to change people’s behavior is to reward or threaten them. Stephen R. Covey called this “the great jackass theory of human motivation — carrot and stick.” To succeed, we must change how we see leadership.

The question is, how do we do it?

Building a Winning Culture: A Legacy of Sales Leadership

Buyers now know more than ever about their needs and choices, and your competition. Leaders who are in tune with the currentreality recognize that building an enduring legacy of success doesn’t come from creating great salespeople, it comes from creating a superior sales culture.How do we create a superior sales culture?

Building a Winning Culture: Unleash Productivity

Too many leaders labour under the pernicious paradigm that people are interchangeable, that one worker equals another, that they can easily replace one person with another person. However, that old paradigm is the most important reason why people are disengaged and refuse to give in that “extra effort”.That is why it is important for you as a leader to replace that paradigm with a new paradigm: that every person is uniquely powerful. Your job as a leader is to unleash that power, but how do we do it?

Building a Winning Culture: Execute with Excellence

Nearly every team has an articulated strategy, but that strategy becomes meaningless if the team fails to produce results. Successful leaders not only create a clear strategy, but they also execute it.

So how do you get that extraordinary commitment from others?

Building a Winning Culture: Inspire Trust

The first imperative of a leader is to inspire trust, to be able to bring out the best in your people by entrusting them with stewardships will create an environment with high-trust interactions that inspires creativity and possibility.

Trust is a performance multiplier.

Building a Winning Culture: Create Intense Loyalty

The highest level of engagement is loyalty. Loyal workers and loyal customers are worth their weight in gold.How do you get unshakable loyalty from your customers?

Building a Winning Culture: Lead with Purpose

People with a simple, unique, powerful mission are the most engaged people. Yet the whole notion of “mission” has produced a lot of cynicism. There are two reasons for that:

  • Too many mission statements are meaningless platitudes
  • People in the organization don’t live up to the mission.

So how do you find and articulate the voice of your organisation?

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