Navigate Change

Maintain and expand a great culture — especially during periods of organizational change.

Make Change a Healthy Part of Your Culture

Change happens all the time in the workplace. Sometimes, changes are proactive — your company may reorganize departments to improve collaboration, or hire a new leader to expand your industry expertise. In other cases, change happens in response to unanticipated shifts in the marketplace. One thing is certain: navigating change is a skill everyone on your team needs to succeed.

When faced with change, many organizations focus exclusively on process. Process is important, but at the end of the day, it’s your people who make change happen. Unfortunately, people are sometimes wired to react to change in ways that may leave your team feeling unsettled, stressed, or demotivated.

To build and maintain a thriving culture, leaders must step in to help their teams navigate change. That includes helping people understand how change works so they have the ability to participate in the process when it’s carried out.

FranklinCovey’s principle-based content, expert consultants, and innovative technology will equip your team with the resources and insights they need to thrive through change. With a solid understanding of how people react to change, how to position change as an opportunity, and how to engage individuals in change processes, your company can maintain trust, sustain excellence, and ensure respect every step of the way.

Key Change Navigation Skills for Leaders

A hallmark of a winning culture is having a team that’s flexible and primed to pivot during periods of rapid change.

Leading Change

Builds compelling visions for how the team can grow and succeed while making a change.


Effectively navigates change as an individual contributor.

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How to Communicate Change: A Tool for Leaders

Help your leaders formulate an effective message the next time they communicate a change to their team.

The Power of the Journey

Lasting behavior change comes from the inside out. Who people are, and how they view the world, impacts how they engage and lead others. Our Impact Journeys combine our exclusive content, expert consultants, and powerful technology to help people change both their mindset and their behavior.

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Navigate Change Effectively

Equip leaders with the skills they need to navigate change.