The world of work may have changed but expectations on leaders to produce results have not. Principles of effective leadership that result in superior performance haven’t changed either, but when some team members are co-located, some work from home, and even more follow a hybrid model, leaders must apply those principles differently.


FranklinCovey has studied the transition to the new world of work in-depth as we’ve helped thousands of clients successfully transition. In doing so, we’ve identified a collection of best practices that are conducive to success.


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Manage Your Energy To Do Your Job Well

Most ambitious people care deeply about their work and want to perform at the highest level. So it’s easy to fall into the common trap of putting work and other life obligations first, while leaving self-care (things you do for your health, well-being, and energy) last on your list of priorities. But that kind of lifestyle is unsustainable, especially when you have a demanding, high-energy job in stressful times or when you adapt.

How are you doing at managing your prime sources of energy?

How To Manage Your Time

Most people wish for more time, but what would you fill it with? If your answer is more of the same – more projects, more interruptions for requests from others, more checking email – then that is like saying the solution to your cluttered garage is a second garage to fill up.

As more and more team members work remotely, effective time management is essential to ensure progress to achieve quality work, family, and self.

How Effective Leaders Get Results

Leadership often means doing stuff no one else wants to. Broaching touchy topics. Making unpopular decisions. Accepting responsibility. Charting a clear path in a haze of uncertainty.

But the good news is you do not have to dramatically overhaul your behavior to take more initiative. This toolkit will help you make changes, whether you are leading collocated teams, remote employees, or a mix of both.

Listen Like a Leader

If you’re a leader, it helps to be a good talker. But great communication is actually more about hearing and understanding others than it is about being heard yourself. When you listen well you will be able to connect more deeply with your team members, and customers.

These tips will take your communication skills to the next level, whether it is face to face or virtually.

Execute Your Strategic Goals and Create Breakthrough Results

When you execute a strategy that requires a lasting change in the behavior of other people, you are facing one of the greatest leadership challenges you will ever meet. Find out how you can implement a set of proven practices that meet that challenge successfully every time.

Engagement, Motivation and Remote Working

During the unprecendented current global situation, most of your team are working remotely. Times like this are when you need to keep your team engaged, motivated and resilient. Find out how you can continue to enable you and your team to overcome and deliver results.

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