Are your customers loyal to your organization?

More than 70% of what makes a customer experience great is the behavior of frontline employees. Great behavior doesn’t happen without inspiration and accountability, and that requires a bottom-up approach—not the typical top-down corporate method. If your employees are enthusiastic promoters of your organization, this sentiment will resonate with your customers too.


“Treat your employees exactly as you want them to treat your best customers.”



Employee loyalty comes first—then customer loyalty.

Leading Customer Loyalty is a one-day work session for frontline managers to learn the principles and practices needed to win the hearts of employees and their customers. Managers leave with a clear understanding of how to model, teach, and reinforce empathy, responsibility, and generosity.




●      Make genuine human connections.

●      Listen and communicate with empathy.

●      Discover the real “job to be done” for customers and employees.

●      Follow up to learn how to improve and resolve concerns.

●      Give and receive feedback that builds people up.

●      Inspire the team to share their best thoughts and ideas.

●      Run effective team huddles


Employees who are enthusiastic promoters inspire customers.

True customer satisfaction comes from interactions of your front line employees with your customers. Using a bottom-up approach to leadership, team members are empowered through the organization leading to outstanding customer experience.


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