Your culture is your organization’s most powerful and sustainable competitive advantage.

Great cultures — the kind that become a competitive advantage — don’t just happen. They are a deliberate creation. They require a framework for implementing a common language and approach. They require leadership at every level and deep personal effectiveness in every role.

At FranklinCovey, we define culture as the collective behaviour of your people. It’s what most of your people do most of the time. A distinctive culture is your organizational game changer. While your competition can copy virtually every other advantage you have, what they can’t copy are your people and how they behave. Real impact comes when you have all the people going in the direction you want them to go; where every interaction reinforces your core values and strategy. The people have a common language and a set of values that are made real through day-to-day practice.


How are you building a winning culture within your organization?


Great cultures must be created intentionally, not by accident. And the key leverage point in developing your culture is the behaviour of your leaders. Your leaders determine what your people value and do, by what they value and reinforce. In addition, leaders need a framework or operating system to create a winning culture.


Learn how to capitalize on your greatest resource to create a winning culture: your people.


Building a Winning Culture: Develop Personal & Organisational Effectiveness


To create a great culture, each person needs a framework. The 7 Habits is that framework. Organizations train their leaders on the key behaviours that reinforce the 7 Habits inside their teams and providing the entire organization with a framework and language for individual, team, and organizational effectiveness, regardless of age or experience. The 7 Habits become the common operating system for all employees and associates.


You can implement The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People within your organization to intentionally build a winning culture.

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Building a Winning Culture: Inspire Trust


There is a significant, direct, measurable, and indisputable connection among high trust, high speed, low cost, and increased value. Inspiring trust and extending trust are often the keys to gaining an unbeatable competitive advantage. And creating such trust is a skill — a performance multiplier — and arguably the key leadership competency needed in today’s low-trust economic environment.


Create an environment in which high-trust interaction inspires creativity and possibility.

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Building a Winning Culture: Unleash Productivity


21st century knowledge workers and leaders are paid to think, plan, communicate, and execute with excellence. However, overwhelming distractions, multiple projects that never end, and the inability to communicate well can make anyone feel useless, voiceless, and disengaged. Unleash and engage people to do infinitely more than you imagined they could.


Discover the mindsets, skillsets, and toolsets work together which will help you make the highest value decisions, stay focused, and have the energy to unleash your own productivity and the productivity of others.

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Building a Winning Culture: Create Intense Loyalty


Loyal employees and loyal customers are worth their weight in gold. A talented employee who gives her heart and mind to your organization can generate ten- or a hundred or a thousand-fold more in revenue and goodwill than she will ever cost you. A customer who gives you a lifetime of return business and word-of-mouth support is the ultimate competitive lever you can use to move the world


Inspire, train, and coach your people to provide a better customer experience than your competitors

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