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Develop sales leaders who excel at process, build lasting relationships, and hit growth targets quarter after quarter.

Take Your Team’s Sales Performance to the Next Level

A successful sales approach relies on a nuanced blend of science and art. Sales teams need a data-driven strategy and well-defined processes that use targeting, scoring, and analytics to understand which prospects are most likely to buy. But they also need to cultivate individual relationships and trust to close new deals and win additional business from existing customers. Teams are often great at one of these aspects of selling, but fall short on the other — and these shortcomings can have a negative impact on business results.

Sales leaders set the bar for their team’s overall performance. When leaders identify their team’s untapped potential and opportunities for growth, they raise the bar for themselves and their colleagues as they implement new learnings and best practices.

Improving your sales team’s process and approach can help your business achieve growth targets consistently. FranklinCovey’s principle-backed content and proven execution system will empower sales leaders to fully unlock their team’s talents and set your organization up for long-term success.

Key Sales Performance Skills

Top sales leaders know how to identify ideal customers, approach deals with a strategic, consultative mindset, and turn prospects into closed-won business.


Creates messaging that positions products and services to stand out as the superior choice in the marketplace.


Consistently initiates new opportunities and fills the sales pipeline.

Qualifying Opportunities

Consistently advances only high quality opportunities through the sales pipeline.


Creates and claims high value that is beneficial to all parties.

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The Power of the Journey

Lasting behavior change comes from the inside out. Who people are, and how they view the world, impacts how they engage and lead others. Our Impact Journeys combine our exclusive content, expert consultants, and powerful technology to help people change both their mindset and their behavior.

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Qualifying Opportunities in the Pipeline

Help your sales team optimize their performance.